Idaho City Farmers' Market

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Please come join us in historical down town Idaho City next to the Idaho City Hotel.  Built in the heart of "Old China Town"  in the mid 1860's, the location used to be an opium den and a laundry.  The laundry, itself, stayed open until 1914 but the building burnt down sometime after.  Mrs. Smith bought the land in the 1920's and erected the hotel you see today.  It opened in 1929 as a boarding house for the loggers who came through to support her and her daughter.  Today guests frequent the quaint hotel, from an era gone by, and hope to catch a glimpse of Mary.  

The Idaho City Farmers' Market is in it's humble beginnings  where local farmers, producers, and artisans gather together to provide a variety of fresh produce, baked goods, and related products to local and traveling consumers.